Self Re-branding

After careful consideration and unforeseen circumstances, I’ve decided to go with a new approach for my portfolio.  After years of carrying around my  traditional black briefcase style portfolio with the plastic sleeves, I felt it was time for a change. It was awkward to carry and a tell tale sign that I’m looking for new work (which is not good if you already have a job). I also felt that the sleeves were taking away from my work by adding unwanted glare, making things difficult to see. Since I’ve already been making my leave behinds out of wood, I’ve decided to match the rest of my pieces to that. I have the idea for my portfolio already which is to make it out of two pieces of veneer and for my resume, I would like to print that on veneer as well. I know for sure that the portfolio will work out but not to sure about how the printing on veneer will work. Either way, I am up for this challenge!